Just about everything today needs a network connection; For a fast and reliable one to serve your business, we strongly recommend installing cabling.

When looking at the type of cable to install, it’s important to look at the use case for the cable and the environmental factors around it.
  • How old is the building?
  • Do you have video conferencing or other high end equipment where high quality/low interference is an important factor?
  • What will the space be used for? Is it a hazardous or high traffic location?
  • How many total drops?
  • Is the building drop ceiling (movable tiles) or hard-lid? Does the space also serve as the air return?

We can help you design and install low-voltage for your building. Whether its office space or warehouse, we will get you connected.


We install and troubleshoot the following cables:

Ethernet – CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7

Fiber Optic — SM, MM

Coax – RG6, RG11, RG59, Tri-Axial, Twin-axial

Speaker – 16/2,18/2

We offer level IV cable certification at 1 GHz. We are committed to your satisfaction and warranty all of our work. If you are planning to upgrade or move the heart of your business, IT Keychain will do it right.